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Prime Effects™

by Viqing LLC 


Wild Naturals™


Amazing Sleep

SAFETON Hand Sanitizer


About PrimeEffects and its founder, Philip Jepsen

The PrimeEffects Amazon store is owned by Viqing, LLC and was started in September 2013 by Philip Jepsen to provide high quality products at a great price on Amazon.

PrimeEffects has generated more than $10 million USD in sales.

After creating PrimeEffects, Philip successfully launched several additional brands (see above) and businesses which led to the creation of the Manage by Stats (MBS) software program in 2015.

MBS has helps more than 40,000 Amazon sellers across the globe manage and expand their businesses by automating repetitive tasks. This allows sellers to focus on the most vital actions for growing their businesses and brands.

You can find out more by clicking on ManageByStats.

Philip Jepsen